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Custom Grazing

For a number of reasons, we often have more pasture then our cows can keep up with. When that happens we open up our pasture to other herds. We work with the owners to provide all the management they need, but always staying within our values and never hurting our land. Right now, experience and focus is on Beef Cattle, but that doesn't mean we are not open to new opportunities, it costs nothing to ask! Here are a few details of our custom operation:

  • Grazing Season: Generally start around the beginning of June and ends around the beginning of September. This varies based on weather and other forages available that may extend the the grazing season. Some years we are able to start in early May and graze to Thanksgiving, it all depends.

  • Daily moves by portable electric wire. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the growth of the grass. This gives the cattle a consistent diet and decreases fly problems, improving their health and fertility. Plus they get seen every day. If one starts limping or looking tough, we can catch it right away and improve the odds of recovery.

  • Waterways are almost all fenced off. Portable water follows the cows. This helps keep the water clean and keeps the cows out of the mud. Occasionally there are some wet areas in the pasture or open water where portable troughs are not possible, but overall the cows stay a lot cleaner and healthier, including almost eliminating foot rot.

  • Flexible Mineral Program. We are open to your preferred program. What we commonly use:​

    • 20-way free choice loose minerals from Free Choice Enterprises

    • Mineral Tubs: Orwig's Livestock Supplement

  • Portable handling equipment. Cattle get worked, if necessary, out in the pasture. We bring it to them, so it reduces time and stress on the animals. We focus on low stress, quiet handling. You won't hear yelling or see any tails twisted here (99% of the time, there's always room for improvement).

  • Shade is minimal due to our landscape and continuous moves. If your cattle get sunburned easily or have pink-eye problems due to light colored hair or light pigmented skin, you may need to vaccinate in advance or this might not be the right environment for your cattle.

  • We try not to provide extra feed as winter hits. When the pasture starts to graze down and their are no other cover crops or forages to graze, the cattle go home.

  • Not all cattle are made for grazing operations, so we make sure we get to know our customers and their herds well in advance to help ensure everyone is successful.

  • Pricing (subject to change)

    • Cow/Calf Pairs: $1.75/cow, calves run free​

    • Stockers: $1/lb of gain

    • Owner pays for minerals, salt, transportation, insurance, medicine and vet bills

    • We take care of all water, fencing, daily management, handling facilities, and help vet if needed.

    • Deposit and payment schedule depends on the type of operation

    • We are flexible and are willing to work with owners needs, but make sure a contract is signed in advance so everyone is on the same page.

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