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Holistic Approach

We don't look at "holistic" as being some granola-eating hippy word. It simply means building the most nourishing food possible while allowing the livestock to help build up the soil nutrients at the same time. In the military, you're always having to think 2, 3, 4 steps ahead, always asking yourself "And then what?" We do the same on the ranch. Every decision no matter how big or small, we always try to take a step back and examine the immediate pros and cons, while thinking about the consequential pros and cons in a month, a year, even a decade down the line.


Some examples include trying to do as much on foot or on 4-wheeler as possible, this helps reduce soil compaction. Also, we've had good success with using a 20-way loose mineral program. The cows can get exactly what they need as they move from one location to another and part of the missing nutrient goes through them and back into the soil helping to build it up without using outside fertilizer. Over time the cows mineral supplement needs decrease, which saves money too!


Like many other ranchers, we use temporary electric wire to move the cows around the pasture and keep them from going into the creeks or rivers. This not only allows the pasture to recover and improve, it also keeps our waterways clean. We pull around a solar powered water trough that gets water from the nearby water source, which gives the cows continuous access to fresh water while being able add items that help increase the oxygen and quality of the water.

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